Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fix FIFA 17 Stuttering when limit set to 60FPS!

Hey all, just thought I'd continue my tradition of fixing your annoying FIFA problems.

Today I got my hands on the FIFA 17 Demo, and something puzzling is going on.

If the frame rate is left unlimited, my GTX 970 reaches 130FPS and often drops to 70FPS. Whilst this is still great, the fluctuations take away from the enjoyment of the game, so I went to the FIFA settings and set a limit to 60FPS.

Now for the puzzling part. Despite the frame counter showing a constant, stable 60 FPS, the game feels kind of laggy, and it stutters and jitters both in the player animations and when the camera moves around.

Fear not my friend, as always on my blog, here's a fix for your annoying issue. For now this fix only works on Nvidia cards, because this is what I have, but I'm sure there are equivalent settings on AMD hardware.

Fix for annoying FIFA 2017 stutters:


  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Go to Hardware and Sound
  3. Find and click NVIDIA Control Panel (You can skip steps 1 & 2 by clicking START and starting to type "NVIDIA")
  4. Once the NVIDIA Control Panel opens, go to Manage 3D Settings
  5. Choose "Program Settings" tab
  6. Find and add FIFA17.EXE (fifa17_demo.exe for the demo)
  7. Scroll to the bottom and find "Vertical Sync"
  8. Set Vertical Sync to "Adaptive"
  9. Click Apply.
  10. Open FIFA
  11. Click "Game settings"
  12. Select  "No Limit on FPS"
  13. Hit OK
  14. Enjoy!
FIFA 2017 stutter & lag fix

What you've just done is skip the broken in-game FPS limiter, and configured it from NVIDIA Control Panel. Now you can both enjoy a stable, strong 60 FPS since this game is not so taxing, and also a smooth experience.

Enjoy! And share if this helped you fix your annoying problems.

Going to download FIFA 17 once it's out on Origin? Why not check how to get faster speeds on Origin?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Here's every phone number you can call right now to remove yourself from Truecaller

Note: Every Truecaller company phone number is below the article if you are on a hurry. But I typed all this thing so honour me with a courtesy read!

It's quite ironic that Truecaller, which exposes your privacy and shares your identity with anonymous people without your consent, has no phone number you can reach in case of emergency.

What kind of emergency, you say? What harm can a name do?

A fried of mine runs an accounting business, and his number is marked as "thieves" by competitors. This means he can't call his own customers, and can't acquire new ones. This also means potential customers won't call him, and won't answer calls form him. Since everyone seems to be using Truecaller, anyway.

So, Truecaller gives you the option to get your number delisted, of course. By following this link and submitting your details, it should be removed within 24 hours.

And so we did, but a few days later it was back, and customers stopped answering. This time requests to get it delisted went unnoticed, and the business started heavily suffering.

Naturally, I tried to see how I can get in touch with Truecaller. And this is where the fun starts. Truecaller doesn't have a phone number you can contact them with. It's quite ironic, that a comapny which operates on exposing every phone number on earth refuses to share theirs.

Luckily for you, I got that solved. 

Doing some detective work, I've stubmled upon TrueCaller's address, which is at Kungsgatan 15 Stockholm, Sweden.

Searching on a the website, the address lists a lot of phone numbers, many of whom seem to be associated with a certain True Software Scandinavia AB company. Sounds familiar? Good.

I went on to call every single number on the list 4 times, until a nice chap with the name of [Removed] replied. He seemed very surprised that I got a hold of this number, as if it wasn't easily Googlable with 5 minutes worth of effort. He promised to take care of it, after I explained with no uncertain terms how serious this was.

The end!

How to call Truecaller company:
Here's a list of phone numbers associated with Truecaller company, and the name of the employee.

#1 - Truecallre company phone numbers

#2 - How to call Truecaller company

Good Luck!

Friday, July 29, 2016

The truth about Football tickets

As usual on my blog, I have simple fixes for your annoying issues. Today's issue however, is a little bit different, and more of "getting it out of my chest" rather than a do-this do-that fix.

How to find Football tickets? Suppose you want to watch a match, where do you even begin to find a ticket?

How is it possible that, when you visit the official website of the competition, or the organiser, you are told that there are no tickets, yet hundreds of online websites seem to magically have stock at the best seats?

As you may know, this year saw France host and lose the final of EURO 2016. 

Being a Football fan, I wanted to experience the games live for the first time. So in mid May, I started Googling to find Football tickets for the EUROs.

Naturally, I gravitated towards the official channels: UEFA. All sold out. The only decent tickets cost a fortune or where at horrible seats. So I kind of gave up, and started contemplating holidays at Spain.

A few days later, a friend of mine told me he has secured tickets for the second semi-final behind the goal. I was curious, and somewhat jealous, and asked how he got the tickets. He simply said that he Googled it and bought from the cheapest website on ticket-compare that seemed trustworthy.

I immediately asked how on earth could he trust a non-official seller with that kind of money, but he insisted that this hadn't been his first time, and this is the only way he knows.

I tried to visit UEFA one more time, just in case they had decent deals. Nothing. All taken. So on the one hand you have the official provider stating all tickets are taken, and on the other hand you have a billion websites selling the same tickets.

What is going on? 

The truth is, my friends, is that most tickets sold are not sold to individuals, but rather poachers and re-sellers who want to sell them for a profit. This is why you almost always find tickets at the best seats even shortly before the most major events if you look at the right places.

I chickened out eventually, but my friend sure did have a wonderful time at the Euros as Portugal advanced to the finals.

Skip a few months ahead, to about a few days ago, and I'm finding myself in a similar situation.

If you follow my blog, it is no secret by now that I'm a Manchester United fan. It has always been my dream to visit Old Trafford and watch a game from the Stretford End.

I have a paid vacation in mid-September, so I checked if United had any decent chances, and to my surprise, the Manchester Derby - no less - will be held on September 11th. 

Off to, the official website for the competition. No tickets.
Hmmm, how about No tickets.

Great! No tickets again. But this time I'll try my luck.

3 minutes of Googling and I'm at looking at Stretford End tickets, and for 400 or so U.S dollars, I got my dream to become a reality. Stretford End tickets for the Manchester Derby.

Pogba, Rooney, Ibrahimovic, Mourhino! 

The quick fix this time is not a list of steps you should do, but a lesson. If you want football tickets, please don't bother checking the official channels. Jump straight to websites that sell the things.

Most tickets at European Football are reserved for season ticket holders. The rest are VIP and executive boxes, and the remaining ones go on general sale.

From those remaining few, only the minority is sold to actual people.

Why? It's very simple. The system is rigged, it does not work. It rewards the rich who can buy the tickets early and sell them later. Did my supplier buy the ticket only to sell? Probably, but hey! At least they have my ticket, unlike the official channels.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Roccat Kave XTD 5.1 Digital no bass/subwoofer in music fix

Hello, I won't bore you with long paragraphs or a wall of text. This post reflects upon my personal experience with the Roccat Kave XTD 5.1 Digital gaming headset and the troubles I had with no bass being available in stereo mode / when listening to music.

The bass channel would work fine if testing via Windows, and the bass/subwoofer also worked in games such as Battlefield 4, but there was no bass at all from stereo sources, and more concerningly, when listening to music.

As this seems to be a common problem with a lot of people who own these headphones, I thought I'd share my solution.

Roccat Kave XTD 5.1 Digital headset no bass in music fix aka Roccat Kave XTD 5.1 no subwoofer in music fix :

You can follow the steps, or do exactly like the images below.

Steps / Text:

1- Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound
2- Sound -> Right click on "Speakers / KAVE XTD Headset" and choose Properties
3- Under the "Effects" tab make sure "Xear Surround Max is checked and also "Swap Center and Subwoofer" is checked
4- if you have checked both, you are done. If you do not have the option to swap the channels, close the window and jump to the next step.
5- Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound
6- Sound -> Right click on "Speakers / KAVE XTD Headset" and choose Configure
7- Select 5.1 and click next
8- Check "center", "subwoofer" and "rear pair" and click next.
9- Check both options and click next then click finish
10- go back to step 3.

Image / GIF for the fix:

Congratulations, you have now got awesome bass in music on the Roccat KAVE headset!

Important note: When you want to play games again, please undo the changes you did here, and also reconfigure your headset and disable full-range speakers. Also do this if the sound source of your sound medium has native 5.1 source.

Doing this fix swaps center for subwoofer, and sends full signal to all speakers. It will degrade your experience if you are not listening to a stereo (two channel) source.

Monday, June 22, 2015

The best sport streaming sites 2016-2017

Remember the days when looking for streams was a pain in the ass? Well, we had Wiziwig, and they shut it down. But we still have right? Well, about that...

After years of not excessively swearing at my computer screen, because RojaDirecta just worked, it seems that the Spanish giant, which has been battling it out against the authorities, is nearing the end of its football indexing activity.

Today, the High Courd of Madrid in Spain has ordered the popular website - which translates to Red Card - to cease linking to, indexing, and facilitating the streaming of football. The decision follows a request by Mediapro and GOIT (scary names for corporations run by white, old people who are frightened by technology) and has been awaited for more than a year.

If the website does not block access to its football streams, Spanish ISPs will be ordered to block access to the website, according to many sources in Spain (Because we all know this works perfectly).

Director of strategic projects of the LFP, also known as smug-faced Ignacio Martinez Trujillio said on Monday that there were "great news" to be shared with the public. "It has taken the LFP half a year of fighting against piracy, and today we have won the first of many great battles", he added, presumably whilst firing his golden AK-47 towards the general direction of the nearest internet-connected computer.

So, where do we stream free football games online now? Should we practice our curse words? Wiziwg is out, and looks like RojaDirecta is after it.

Fear not my friend, as for usual on my blog, I have simple fixes for your annoying issues.

Here are the best alternatives for and Wiziwig.TV (the latter is half a year overdue).


  1. StreamSports.IO: This gem popped up in late June. It supports most major competitions and the list of supported competitions can be seen for every sport, and it seems to be ever-expanding.

    It is rumored that StreamSports.IO are the original owners of StreamSports.Me, which they lost control of (or sold) in early 2016.

    The website also supports RTL languages, such as Arabic.
  2. Please ignore the hectic design, and don't let the empty page scare you away. That thing works.

    Here's how: Before every game, a member - usually a moderator - posts a topic about the game. Members then start sharing streams for said games. Most streams are posted directly by the website owners, so that's nice as other members can give feedback.

    The focus here is usually on lesser-qualtiy, mostly HTTP streams. As most streams are posted by people related to the website, there are ads but Adblock should take care of that.

    The streams and the games both get deleted after the event had finished. So visiting the page on a slow day will generate and less than impressive empty page with some scattered rules and a confusing sidebar.

    Rest assured though, this is the safest bet if you are on a slow connection or simply want to get something working quickly without caring about the quality or type of stream you are after.

    Reddit for soccer streams? Who knew!
  3. Stream2watch: Unlike StreamSports and Reddit, this website does not index players from other sources. Every steram on this site links to a page within the site itself which has a video-player. So, technically, you are always 1 click away from watching whatever you want.

    The coverage is excellent, there are many supported competitions - even obscure ones. The streams are of average quality, but this is understandable considering the type of the streams.

    The website appears to be safe now, but Chrome marked it as malware for a few days in June 2015. It is unlikely that the website is malicious, it is perhaps an ad in their ad-network that caused the issue.

    Stream2Watch is not ad-free like Reddit and StreamSports, but I haven't had troubles at all getting streams to work. All you need is Chrome or Firefox with Adblock and you'll forget about ads.

    The site also features a nice, and fairly active chat window on the right to the video player, where visitors can engage in conversations and banter. And you can also watch TV Shows and Live TV on it apparently, but I couldn't give fewer (not less, see?) fucks about that but it's there should you want it.

    If your idiot cousin calls you for advice on watching Football online, Stream2Watch is the definitely the way to go. Make sure he has Adblock!
  4. Literally 2 click away from your stream (1245 clicks without Adblock)

So there you have it, I hope I helped you solve your annoying problem today. I personally use a combo of all three above to watch football. Let me know if you find better alternatives!

Monday, September 22, 2014

FIFA 15 windowed mode to fullscreen fix + 30 FPS cutscenes fix + various FIFA 15 bug fixes

I started this blog with a simple vision in mind: helping people quickly fix their annoying problem. I can fill this page with nonsense but who would want that?

It's that time of the year again. FIFA 15 has landed and with it came some annoyances, which I am glad to help you overcome!

Here are the top problems so far with FIFA 15, along with their fixes, of course!
  • FIFA 15 won't run in full-screen mode after minimizing the game or doing a tab+alt keyboard combination.
    Solution: After FIFA 15 is stuck on windowed mode, hit alt+enter. The game will come back in all its full-screen glory.
  • FIFA 15 is so jagged, it seems like anti-aliasing is nonexistent in this game.
    Solution: The 4x option in the settings is obviously not enough. Go to the settings of your GPU's control panel and force crazy values like 32x etc... and select every possible setting which may enhance image quality in-game.
  • FIFA 15 replays and cutscenes are stuck at 30 FPS (frames per second) if I enable V-sync.
    Solution: Disable V-sync from FIFA settings and enable it (or select adaptive V-sync) from your GPU's application settings for FIFA15.EXE. Cutscenes, replays and other cinematics will now run at 60 FPS or more.
  • FIFA 15 "Center-Bug" (players and goalkeepers running to the center circle of the pitch)
    Solution: Go to "My Computer" -> Right click -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Computer Name and change your computer name to lowercase letters with longer than 5 characters (e.g. not "pc") and then restart. Don't even ask... I don't know why on earth this works but it does.
If Origin is also giving you trouble, check this out:
Origin slow download speed fix!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to snap windows on half the screen of a dual monitor setup

If you've visited here before, you probably know by now that I'm a big fan of gaming on dual monitors. If you are also on multi-monitors you may have occasionally found yourself with a couple of open windows sharing some screen estate. Well, at least I did, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what mouse gesture to do to snap both windows on the same screen with each occupying half of the screen.

Because Aero Snap treats two extended screens as one big monitor, you can only pin on the left monitor's left hand side and on the right monitor's right hand side. But what about snapping two windows in half on the same monitor?

As always, I've got a simple fix for your annoying issue!

To snap a window to half of any screen on your setup you can use this cool keyboard shortcut for selected window management. Just press Windows key and arrow keys (left or right) to snap, unsnap and snap again any window. Pressing repeatedly cycles through all possible options.