Thursday, March 28, 2013

FIFA 13 will not start fix (No EA Sports Football Club logo / Game doesn't launch after clicking play)

So you want to play FIFA 13, you launch the damn Origin client and click FIFA 13, the stupid launcher starts and you click Play.

You wait 4 seconds, 10 seconds, 1 minute, nothing is happening anywhere. FIFA 13 won't start, no EA logo appears, you fire up your Task Manager and there isn't even a FIFA13.EXE process. The silence is only broken by your curse words.

This is as far as your sorry ass can get.

If you find yourself in this situation, then you and I share some habits. This is a known issue, it seems to happen if you force quit the game (rage quit?) by going to the Task Manager and ending the FIFA13.EXE process without exiting Origin or giving the game a chance to exit properly.

Unfortunately, after Googling for hours and trying tens of fixes, I couldn't find anything that works, so I tried to stay true to my beliefs and do the dumbest and simplest fix possible.

Fear not my friend, as always on my blog, there's a simple way to fix an incredibly frustrating issue (Origin slow download speed anyone?).

All you have to do is create a new account on your Windows Machine and launch FIFA 13 from there, the game will work and no progress will be lost since Origin syncs your game on the cloud.

That's it!


One interesting thing to note, if you do not remember your Origin password or you can't be assed to type it in, there's a trick for that as well!

If you are using Windows 8, create another user with the same prefix and Origin (due to a bug, probably) will not ask you for your password. For example if your name is, create and log-in, click FIFA13 on your desktop and Origin will quietly launch the game without acting like a fucking ass.

note: FIFA won't start if you have very low disk space. Try to free up some space, ideally more than 500 Mb. The game won't show any message or errors, simply nothing happens when you click play on the launcher.


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  1. What do you mean by "create a new account on your Windows Machine"

    1. Just create a new username for Windows from Control Panel -> User accounts. Use that user to launch FIFA.

  2. I changed user name,created new account administrator etc...but still not working......pls help

  3. For who still have the problem, try to open the fifasetup.txt, and change de aspect ratio= 1.333 for 1. This was the one solution after a month for me, and I dont know yet the logic...but work

    1. where can I find that fifasetup.txt file, I searched in folder but cant get..

  4. hi i tryed all your solution but nothing worked
    iryed making new account and change my account name
    i tryed to make 1.3333 to 1 but still nothing please help!!! i hve afree disck spac 20 ggb

  5. if i click the fifa 13 icon , it shows nothing , i wait for 3 or 4 seconds and the program automatically crashes
    i meet all the requirements for the game , bt still cant play , tried all the solutions too .. please help me :(

  6. Just turn off and disable the darn Windows error reporting service !

  7. Hey Guyzz when i start the game i see that EA logo , then the screen goes black (you think the game starts ) But after 1 sec it crashes